Tales of Glory

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Tales of Glory

Tales of Glory

Long before the advent of multimedia, before television and moving pictures and graphic news in real-time, the Eastern Church taught and prayed with sacred pictures. These pictures are known as “icons.” The Greek Rite of the Church is a living treasure of worship. This book is an exposition of that lived treasure, embodied today in St. Nicholas Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in upstate New York.

The beautiful and rugged hardcover includes: glorious full-color photography and rich explanations of the Twelve Great Feasts, many favorite saints and angels; a comprehensive glossary of iconography; and much more!

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Author Matthew Gaul lovingly and intelligently explains each of the stunning icons present within the church of St. Nicholas, which are representative of icons in Greek-rite churches. Gaul explains the initial reaction a modern American would have when confronted with the overwhelming beauty of Eastern Christian iconography:

“When I first arrived at St. Nicholas, I felt hesitant and even unworthy, for the presence of God was so obvious and arresting that I almost did not know how to handle it. It was an honor simply to be let in the door.”

Rich in full-color images from the church, Tales of Glory is a story of sacrifice and redemption, ever-new for the faithful today. Turn the pages and enter into another world.

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Praise for Tales of Glory …

Tales of Glory is a marvelous introduction to Eastern Christian iconography and theology. It contains an abundance of riches for anyone who is interested in faith and spirituality.

Anthony Dragani, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Mount Aloysius College

In a period like our own in the Church when doctrinal minimalism and a heavy-handed moralism are once again rearing their heads,the “way of beauty” called for by Benedict XVI in the service of the New Evangelization is the more necessary if people are really to appreciate the greatness of the mysteries we proclaim.

An ancient Byzantine text shows us a Christian explaining the faith to a pagan by walking him round the imageson a church’s walls. This same simple but profound idea now has itspresent-day equivalent in this excellently conceived and illustrated presentation.

Aidan Nichols, OP

Presented in full-colour hardcover, Tales of Glory sees the author meticulously going through all of the iconography of this particular parish in major detail. His love of iconography and Eastern Christianity is readily apparent on every page. …

For anyone who is even remotely interested in iconography, Eastern Christianity, and/or Eastern Catholicism, this makes a fine choice for a read.

– Jason Liske, Ascending Mount Carmel

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